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Here’s some irony for you…

Blake Shelton has totally stepped out of his comfort zone with his new hit, “God’s Country.”

Yet, to shoot the video for “God’s Country,”  Blake Shelton went back to his comfort zone, his beloved Oklahoma.


It all came together rather organically The story goes something like this: Blake was literally on his farm in Tishominigo, Oklahoma, preparing to plant alfalfa (doesn’t get more country than that) when he got this song from his producer. He was standing there in the middle of  “God’s Country” when he listened to the song for the first time. That’s when he knew he had to cut the song, and the video had to be shot there.

Blake Shelton - God's Country (Official Music Video)

Blake Shelton - God's Country (Official Music Video) Listen to "God's Country" here: Check out the Blake Shelton Official Music Videos Playlist! Subscribe to Blake's channel for all the best and latest official music videos, official audio, albums, behind the scenes, live performances and more! See Blake on the road!

Blake told CMT, “Well I can tell you one thing for damn sure, Oklahoma is God’s country. So that’s where we shot the music video for the song. We spent four days shooting there, in and around Tishomingo, getting connected to the land, the environment and the spirit of the music. As I’ve said before, I was born in Oklahoma and I’ll be buried there.”

The song was written by Country 1025 Street Party star (May 25 on Landsdowne Street) Devin Dawson, Hardy and Jordan Schmidt. It has an edgy, haunting sound, and Blake wanted the video to reflect that. He enlisted the talents of Sophie Muller, who has directed most of his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani’s videos.

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