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It’s “A Willie Great Day” to be Jake Own

Woodstock’s 50th anniversary festival has announced that they are cancelling the concert. They main investor of the festival announced that he doesn’t believe they can successfully pull off the concert with concerns for the safety and well being of the performers and audience. He also felt that it would be wrong to put on a concert that was less than worthy of the “Woodstock” name. They are still holding out hope that they might be able to put something together, but for now there will be no Woodstock 50 concert this summer


Oprah Winfrey bought a wedding dress for one of the students who graduated from her Oprah Winfrey academy in Africa. She says these girls have been in her life from when they were young, through college and now one is finally getting married and she was happy to donate the $10,000 for a wedding dress


Oprah Spent An Entire Day Finding Perfect Wedding Dress For Students

Winfrey and her girls made an entire day out of the shopping excursion, first stopping off at Spago for food before hitting up the Saks Fifth Avenue bridal salon in Beverly Hills. 'I've known these girls since they were 12 and 13 coming to my school. Graduating from college. Grad school.


Jake Owen and his girlfriend gave birth to a girl name Paris yesterday. Because she was born on Willie Nelson’s birthday, they tweeted out a picture of the baby under the headline “It’s A Willie Great Day”


Chris Stapleton was an extra in the most recent episode of “Game of Thrones”. His wife posted a picture to social media of him in costume, dressed as a White Walker. He played one of the dead who come back to life during the great battle.


Larry King is rumored to have had another heart attack. His publicist is denying it and saying that he has angina, which is a normal condition for someone who is 85 years old. King is currently resting in the hospital but is expected to be released soon



Jennifer Nettles will be singing the Star Spangled Banner shortly after 5PM on Saturday just before the 2019 Kentucky Derby. And Ayla will be at Tia’s on the Waterfront with Stella Artois this Saturday for a Kentucky Derby Watch Party