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Brantley Gilbert and Lindsay Ell didn’t record their duet “What Happens in a Small Town” at the same time in the studio, but when Brantley heard her vocals and guitar licks he was happy with what he’d heard.

He shared, “I was stoked. I heard some of it, you know, over FaceTime, but when I actually got to hear it through good speakers it was … she killed it.”

Brantley continued, “I knew she was going to kill it, but when her name came up the reason it was such a snap your fingers, like, ‘Oh that’s it, if she’ll do it, that’s the one’ [is because] a lot of folks have been doing the cross-genre thing and there’ve been a lot of duets goin’ around, and it being my first one, it had to be the right person and had to be the right sound. She’s not just a pretty face. She’s not just a voice. She can shred, and she did her thing. It’s sick. I love it.”

Fans will be able to see Brantley and Lindsay performing the song live every night on Brantley’s “Not Like Us Tour,” which kicks off on June 20.

-Nancy Brooks