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Garth Brooks revealed he has a new song coming out soon.

On Monday’s (5/6) “Studio G” on Facebook, Garth hinted there’s a new single coming our way sometime soon. He said, “The last single before the album comes out – that’s about to come out – will come out to your local country radio station. So proud to partner with country radio. Cannot thank you enough for our lives, country radio.”

As for the song itself, Garth seemed to indicate it’ll be a natural – and immediate – fit for his Stadium Tour. He says, “‘The Thunder Rolls’ has a different verse for live. ‘Friends in Low Places’ has a different one for live. So, it’d be crazy if the next single out of nowhere was totally different for live, wouldn’t it?”

Brooks continued, “This is going to be fun. It’s a modern-day ‘Friends in Low Places’ for me. And I’m so excited about it.” And then he sent our curiosity through the roof with these words: “I’m gonna need some help with this single – that’s how big it is. So we’re gonna call in a friend with us on this. This should be an event for us.”

Garth tweeted last night about his guests in Studio G, “From Minneapolis to @MidlandOfficial !!! Pittsburgh, get READY!!! love, g”

-Nancy Brooks