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We’ve found six of the best bartenders in Boston to share with you their favorite Tequila Cazadores recipes for Cinco de Mayo and we gave the Country 102.5 listeners a chance to vote on who made the best Margarita in Boston.



Evan from Fenway Johnny’s makes his “Plantain Punisher” Margarita, winner of the Tequila Cazadores Cinco De Mayo Margarita Contest.


Here’s Evan’s recipe that won him almost 40% of the vote:


Slice 3 coins from a Plantain, drop into a glass

Slice 2 wheels of a Habenero Pepper, drop into a glass

Muddle the Plantain coins and Habenero wheels together

Add 1/2oz of Agave Nectar

1/2oz of Fresh Lemon Juice

2oz of Cazadores Blanco

1/2oz of Guava Juice

Shake with ice and DOUBLE strain into a Cinnamon Sugar rimmed glass

Garnish with a Dried Plantain and Dried Guava Wheel


Check out all the action in studio:


Tequila Cazadores Cinco De Mayo