Which celebrity’s baby got overshadowed by yesterday’s Royal Birth?



Kruser’s Local Catch is still active and the votes are pouring in. The top three vote-getters online will be performing live at Loretta’s Last Call in front of live judges and an audience. One lucky winner will get the chance to be a paid performer at our Country 102.5 Street Party on Memorial Day weekend


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had their first child yesterday, about a week after the baby was believed to be due. It was a boy who weighs 7 pounds and three ounces. He was born at 5:36 AM. Meghan’s mother was on hand for the birth. No name has been announced yet, but the top choice according to Las Vegas is Arthur.


Amy Schumer gave birth as well yesterday, which is ironic because her last Netflix stand up special has a whole section on what it’s like to be famous and pregnant at the same time as Meghan Markle.


Del Hall, an Ohio man who consumed nothing but beer for lent has updated people 46 days later. He has lost over 40 pounds. His first meal after his fast was guacamole, which of course he washed down with a nice cold beer


“Game Of Thrones” producers are insisting that the Starbucks cup in this week’s episode was a genuine mistake.


This year’s MET Gala was themed “camp” and Kasey Musgraves wore an amazing “barbie” dress. Tom Brady and Gisele were also in attendance but didn’t dress as crazy as some other people did.