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Kacey Musgraves is making moves… and the latest is a big one


The Boston Bruins start the Eastern Conference Finals tonight against the Carolina Hurricanes at the Boston Garden.


Queen Elizabeth II met her fourth great grandchild yesterday. Harry and Meghan met with the press yesterday and we got out first glimpse of baby Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor of Sussex. Though they did not confirm it, royal watchers believe that he is named after Archibald Campbell, a famous relative of Harry’s late mother Diana. And later in the day, her majesty the queen made the trip over to meet Archie, who is now 7th in line to her throne.


And the trailer for the sequel to last year’s “It” drops today. “It: Chapter Two” moves the action 27 years forward. Bill Skarsgard, who plays the satanic clown, says that the events of the first movie have affected Pennywise deeply and have made him an even more evil clown in the new movie. “It: Chapter Two” hits theatres on September 6th

IT: CHAPTER 2 Trailer (2019)

Starring: James McAvoy Jessica Chastain Bill Hader Bill Skarsgård and more... The story will pick up 27 years after the first movie, and will find The Losers Club forced to reunite in Derry, Maine when they learn that It has returned and started a new killing spree.


Dennis Rodman is back in trouble with the law for an odd daytime clothing robbery on Tuesday. According to the owner of VIBES hot yoga studio in Newport Beach, Rodman entered his studio a little after noon with two women and another man. Rodman immediately began distracting employees while the women were shoving clothing into their purses. Then the male accomplice grabbed a crystal art piece from the front desk, claimed he was looking to buy it, and attempted to place it on a nearby dolly. Unfortunately he dropped it and blamed the accident on an employee. Rodman and his three friends eventually left with the broken art piece, along with about $500 worth of stolen clothing. Newport police refused to comment other than to confirm that all four smelled heavily of alcohol when confronted.


And Kacey Musgraves is now officially a model. She signed with Superstar modeling company IMG models over the weekend. IMG currently has top models such as Karlie Kloss, Bella Hadid and Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris on their roster


Luke Combs talked to People Magazine about his recent engagement to Nicole Hocking and he says he’s a bit overwhelmed trying to plan the wedding in the middle of all he has going on with his career right now. He had no problem planning the proposal, a romantic beach front affair in Hawaii last November. But when it comes to the actual wedding, he says that’s a lot harder to plan, especially while he’s in the middle of his massive “Beer Never Broke My Heart” tour. Combs says that while he doesn’t consider himself a “celebrity”, he admits it is difficult to plan a wedding knowing that everything they do will be in the public eye.


And Ryan Reynolds found a creative way to get the internet talking about his latest film, “Detective Picachu”. Reynolds, who plays the animated Pokemon character, tweeted out a link to the entire pirated film three days before it was set to drop in theatres. But instead of the movie, anyone who clicked on the link saw the video for Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”, a play on the old “RickRoll” internet trick from a few years back.