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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - JUNE 15: Jennifer Lopez (L) performs with a dancer during a stop of her It's My Party tour at T-Mobile Arena on June 15, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for ABA)

Jennifer Lopez has some thoughts on marriage which you may not agree with


Happy 43rd Birthday to Blake Shelton!!!!!



Jennifer Lopez says in a new interview that although she has been married three times and Alex Rodriguez will be her fourth husband, her first two marriages were short and she really never thinks about them, so they don’t count. She was married to Marc Anthony for ten years, so she feels like he is part of her history, but the other two don’t matter. She also says that she would like this wedding to be in a church, since she’s never done that before



Carly Pearce has an album in the works right now, and she has announced that there will be a song on the new album with her fiance, Michael Ray. The recorded the song a while ago, before they were engaged, but they’re waiting on announcing the title of the song. Interestingly, they did not write the song together, as they’ve never written a song with each other.

Carly Pearce + Michael Ray's Forthcoming Duet Captures Early Stages of Their Love

Michael Ray drops some hits about his upcoming duet with his fiancee, Carly Pearce.


This past weekend while Luke Bryan was performing, a woman threw her panties at him up on the stage. He reacted initially by catching them because he didn’t realize what they were, but then he reacted immediately by throwing them away in disgust. But then he started laughing mid-song because the situation was so ridiculous.



Olivia Munn is part owner of a dog walking service called “Wag”, which has come under fire because a couple in Manhattan, Max and Sophie Troper, who used the service, had their dog kidnapped. It turned out that the dog walker who worked for Wag was the one who took the dog, which was proven when he was found on security footage for the building. Munn, who showed up late for an event that night, said that she was late because she was making sure that the issue was resolved and that Benny was returned safely to his home.

Olivia Munn steps in to help locate allegedly stolen dog by Wag walker

Cops on Friday busted the Wag dog walker who allegedly stole a Manhattan couple's pooch, police say - after an investigation involving Olivia Munn, the app's celebrity spokeswoman Benny the Shih Tzu-Yorkie mix was reunited with his devoted parents, Max and Sophie Troper, at an NYPD precinct Friday afternoon after cops collared Bronx man Christian Madriaga, 22, on burglary charges, police said.


Loretta Lynn is responding to tabloid stories that she is dying. She says that even though she is 87, has had a stroke and a broken hip, and is living in a nursing home, she is very much alive and ready to raise some hell


Bill Cosby tweeted from prison on Sunday wishing all of the dads out there Happy Father’s Day from “America’s Dad”. He apparently speaks to his team a few times per month and keeps tabs on what is going on with his social media accounts. He received a lot of backlash online for the tweet as people feel he should no longer be able to refer to himself that way



The MTV TV & Movie Awards were last night. Some of the award winners include:


Best Movie – Avengers: End Game

Best Show – Game of Thrones

Best performance in a Movie  – Lady Gaga for “A Star Is Born”

Best Hero – Iron Man

Best Documentary – Surviving R Kelly