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Chrissy Tiegen says she got Botox in her armits to stop her from sweating through her silk tops. She says it’s the best move she’s ever made, alongside getting laser hair removal

Today Chrissy Teigen's Instagram Taught Me You Can Botox Your Armpits To Stop Sweating

Before considering Botox for yourself, you should definitely look into natural remedies like antiperspirants, looser clothing, moisture-wicking fabrics, and armpit shields.


Hunter Hayes revealed on The Today Show that he’s coming out with an album which will drop tomorrow. It will be called “Wild Blue” and will focus on the break-up of his last long term relationship. He also says that it’s the first album in a trilogy and he’s already been writing album two


Jake Gyllenhaal and his 23 year old model girlfriend have been vacationing together on Martha’s Vineyard. He says his parents owned a house out there as a child and he vacations often on the cape, so don’t be surprised to see him driving around Boston

Jake Gyllenhaal took his French model girlfriend to Martha's Vineyard

She's already met the "Nightcrawler" actor's family. Jake Gyllenhaal's been quietly dating French model Jeanne Cadieu - and recently whisked the 23-year-old away to Martha's Vineyard for an island retreat. reports the pair, who've been linked since December, are getting serious, and that Cadieu has already met the "Nightcrawler" actor's family.


Todd and Julie Chrisely entered a not guilty plea in their tax evasion case. They have been accused of underpaying taxes for the past seven years. Their 23 year old son Chase is accused of doing the same thing.


Maria Menounos toured the TB12 workout facility at Gilette Stadium while home visiting her family. Tom Brady even stopped by to say hi while she was working out. She says she feels like a whole new person after her personal workout


Kane Brown and his wife Kaitlynn posted an Instagram picture to officially announce their baby’s name. They are naming the baby Kingsley. Jason Aldean and his wife also threw them a baby shower recently as they’re almost ready to have their child

Officially announcing our baby's name! KINGSLEY can't wait for u to be here!!! Thank you @jasonaldean and @brittanyaldean for throwing us this awesome baby shower ???? love you guys!!!

377k Likes, 3,952 Comments - Call Me KB (@kanebrown_music) on Instagram: "Officially announcing our baby's name! KINGSLEY can't wait for u to be here!!! Thank you..."


Zac Brown is not happy because he has lost a bid to limit public access to his property in Alaska. He has apparently has had to move several times because fans keep coming to his home to see it. He asked to town to remove easements which allow access to his property, but the town voted 5-4 against him

Zac Brown loses bid to stop public access along Alaska estate

Country musician Zac Brown has lost a bid to limit snoopers on his private property in Alaska, the latest case where the desires of the wealthy or celebrity for privacy have been at odds with public access.