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INDIAN WELLS, CA - MARCH 13: American Serviceman stand while the National Anthem is played during the Salute to Heroes cermony during the BNP Parisbas Open at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden on March 13, 2015 in Indian Wells, California.

I felt it was fitting on this 9/11 anniversary to showcase a marine/military family and I’ll warn you now, you’ll start with a big smile and then need a tissue.

8 year old Cash was celebrating his birthday and while it was without his brother, Parker who he believed was office serving in the Marines he was still big smiles. His smile grew when his Mom had him remove his blindfold and he found out he was holding a Marine hat and not just any Marine hat, but his big brothers. Then…well, watch.


Little brother gifted with military hat and so much more

He thought the surprise was his Marine brother's hat ... until he turned around.