Music News

Billy Currington announced a benefit concert for The Bahamas taking place this Saturday (9/14) in Key West. Billy will play a free concert (with donations and proceeds to go to Green Turtle Cay, Bahamas) on Sunset Pier beginning at 6pm.

He posted to Instagram, “Headed south as south gets to Key West Florida. After seeing the impact Hurricane Dorian had on the Bahamas , I feel I gotta do something. So I looked online for organizations already in motion, helping out the island of Green Turtle Cay, which I came to know when we shot the video for the song ‘People Are Crazy.’ I saw that my friend Paul Menta is heading up fundraising efforts with Key West Cares and putting on a show at the Key West Theatre. I want to be a part of what they’re doing so headed down to play a few songs at the theater this Saturday night Sept 14, 7 pm.”

He continued, “If you wanna come down and check out the show or be a part in some way, look up Key West Cares online for more info. Also I feel like we can raise even more money at the full band after party at the Sunset Pier starting round sunset on. If you have something to auction, hit up Paul Menta at Key West Cares. Paul runs Key West Legal Rum distillery and has just put in the first super sweet auction item. Most of all, can’t wait to hang and see people gather up for the love of the Bahamas.”