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Boston is 389 years old today, and baby, you are looking good!

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The City of Boston was founded on this day (on New Style calendars) in 1630! We were just a tiny town when the English Puritans settled here on September 17th in 1630. However, we boomed into city status in 1822!

It’s strange to think this fine city of ours started with just a few persecuted Puritans. Now Boston booms with nearly 700,00! People flock to our fair city for work in finance, technology,¬† ¬†tourism, medicine, education, commercial fishing, food processing, printing and publishing, and government. And with 35 colleges and universities in town, we are busting at the seems with students, many of whom end up living here after graduating.

(Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images)

From the Citgo sign, to the Seaport District, the South End to the North End, Southie to Eastie, JP to Rozzie, Boston beams with proud passionate people like you! Known for our grit, our wit, our perseverance and our intense spirit for sport!

So, get out today and celebrate the best damn city in the U.S.A!

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