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This year’s Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalogue is out… and it’s always good for a couple laughs. Like who really has $70,000 to dish out for a doghouse?? It’s a dang-fine doghouse that I’d be proud to call home, sure, and $25,000 gets donated to the American Humane Society and all, AND it’s hand-designed in part by Denise Richards (who cares, sorry) but $70,000?!?

Maybe you’d rather drop $200,000 on a cooking class with a legend of Culinary Arts in Italy. It sounds insanely unbelievable, don’t get me wrong, but I’ll stick with Youtube – lots of tutorials from cooking heavyweights on there for free, thanks.

Orrrrr…. you could pay $400,000 to get your make-up done by Kim Kardashian’s make-up guy. Put that on your Christmas list stat.

And finally while you’re bleeding money why not buy this Aston Martin designed by 007 himself, Daniel Craig. It comes with a matching watch so every time you look at your wrist for the time you can be reminded of the time you spent $700.007 on stuff you really didn’t need. You could have put that money toward making the world a better place but naaahhhh it’s a car AND a watch! Oooooooooo…

‘Tis the season!