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Every year Pringles comes out with it’s Thanksgiving variety of flavors – it’s a tradition as rich as Aunt Edna’s gizzard fudge. And adventure-eaters, this year’s theme is: TURDUCKEN.

There will be cranberry sauce Pringles, pumpkin pie Pringles, and stuffing Pringles in the mix. And this year Pringles pays homage to turducken, the mysterious meat stuffed in meat stuffed in meat dish that has delighted some and terrified many. There will be turkey, duck, and chicken Pringles in the mix as well.

If that sounds yummerific to you, look for the Thanksgiving variety of Pringles as they’re being sold online beginning this Thursday at noon at $15.99 a pop. Happy Thanksgiving! I’ll just be over here dry-heaving.

How To Make A Turducken

Award-winning butcher Armande Ferrante gives a step-by-step breakdown on how to make a turducken. Make your turducken dreams a reality. BuzzFeed Food: