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The Holidays Unwrapped

Buying gifts can be difficult sometimes, and some people are pickier than others.  Enter your good friend:  Alcohol.

There are few moments when the gift of alcohol isn’t welcome, but instead of just getting a random bottle of wine or top-shelf spirit this holiday season, you might want to check out all of the new alcohol subscription services available.  There are so many subscriptions that narrowing our list down to sixwas rather difficult, but our diverse list below has something for everyone, from craft beer lovers to gin enthusiasts and everywhere in between.


Craft Beer Club ($42/month for 12 beers)

Definitely one of the best bangs for your buck, Craft Beer Club delivers 12 – 12 oz. beers (four styles, three beers each style) to your door every month, and shipping is always free.  These are beers found all over the world, and you get to learn more about each brewery in each enclosed monthly newsletter.

Original Craft Beer Club - April 2017 Unboxing // BREW REVIEWZ

Darius will drink the Original Craft Beer Club's April 2017 box. It's time for a BREW REVIEW! SUBSCRIBE ►►► One of our Drink City Tour Guides will grab a beer (or cider), taste it, talk about it and slam the whole thing down (usually). Smart? Smart.



Wine Awesomeness (Starts at $49/month for three bottles)  

First off, great name.  Second, out of all the wine subscriptions out there, this was our favorite.  For $49 a month, you can get three bottles of wine either all red, all white or a variety from one region and a back story on that region.  This proves once again that learning can be fun.

Wine Chemistry | Wine Awesomeness

A lonely bottle of wine (played by La Bubbly) finds himself in a barren waste land of wine boxes. To gain a better perspective, he climbs the highest peak in the land and discovers true love.

SaloonBox (Starts at $58.99/month)

SaloonBox ships two different craft cocktails to your door in a super convenient package.  Literally, all the ingredients are included.  This is perfect for anyone who’s always looking for a new drink to try.

SaloonBox Video

SaloonBox is a weekly subscription cocktail kit. The kit includes all the ingredients needed to make 2 cocktails at home. Each kit is curated by a well known bar manager or a mixologist. What makes this service different from similar products is that we're not delivering full sized bottles.



Shaker & Spoon (Starts at $50/month)

Know someone that already has a great personal bar, but they’re always looking to experiment with different mixers and ingredients?  Check out Shaker & Spoon.  Each subscription box comes with three recipe cards and contains enough ingredients to make 12 cocktails (four of each recipe.)

How to make Shaker & Spoon's Gin Flower cocktail

Here's how to make the Gin Flower cocktail from our Gin Lovers Box. Visit our site to find out more! GET MORE SHAKER & SPOON:



MashBox (Prices vary.)

MashBox has something for everybody.  Customers can choose from six different subscription options: Whiskey, bourbon, scotch, gin, tequila or their sampler subscription, which sends you three different, handcrafted spirits starting at $100 for four months.


Cocktail Courier (Starts at $29.99/month)

Cocktail Courier has two different subscription boxes (with alcohol and without, if you have your own decent personal bar) and each contains the various mixers and ingredients to make between 6-8 cocktails.

Cocktail Courier - How It Works

As seen on Steve Harvey, Cocktail Courier is the premiere online cocktail delivery service bringing the craft cocktail experience to the comfort of people's homes with its on-demand cocktail kits featuring drinks made by top local, professional bartenders.


Erica Banas is a rock/classic rock news blogger who's well versed in etiquette and extraordinarily nice.