Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and girlfriend Lauren Sanches were photographed boarding a yacht during a vacation in St. Barts. None of that is unusual for someone who has that much money but Lauren was sporting a massive ring. It doesn’t appear to be an engagement ring though because it’s on her right hand but it’s estimated to be a 7-10 caret yellow heart shaped diamond which is worth approximately $100-150k. The pair began dating in 2018 and were forced to go public after someone threatened to expose intimate photos of them. At the time they were still married to their significant others, but they’re together now and spending every second they can with each other.

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos seen with girlfriend as she rubs his head in lovely photo

One of the richest men in the world, Jeff Bezos, was seen unwinding with his girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez, as they took a trip to St Barth - Bezos, the owner of Amazon, made his relationship with Sanchez official a day after him and his ex-wife Mackenzie said they were separating - During the holiday trip between the two, Sanchez was spotted wearing a big diamond ring as she rubbed Bezos' head Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, was seen with his girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez, as they enjoyed the holiday season on a luxury trip to St Barth.

Brian Kelly of Florida Georgia Line will be adding another title to his resume. Executive producer! He’s co producing a drama series for ABC called Moss Landing. It will feature Empire star Lee Daniels and is set in Brian’s homestate of Florida. It’s a musically driven series. This isn’t the only thing he’s up to these days. He’s obviously in studio with Tyler Hubbard, but he’s also co-producing a country musical.

Florida Georgia Line's Brian Kelley Is Co-Developing a Drama Series for ABC

Add executive producer of a television drama to the long list of hats worn by Florida Georgia Line's Brian Kelley. He's co-producing a proposed drama series for ABC, titled Moss Landing, with Empire and Star co-creator Lee Daniels.

Former Dodgers and Red Sox pitcher, Rich Hill and his wife were arrested at the Patriots game this weekend! Why? Because when they were entering the security area they were told their bags were too big and they thought other wise. So security asked them to leave, they refused and then cops arrested the wife for disorderly conduct. Rich then came to her defense and he got arrested to. They were arraigned yesterday and the charges were dropped to civil infractions. They were fined $1000 between the two of them (probably cheaper than they bought the tickets for)When media asked Rich what happened he said that he respects the law and law enforcement but he couldn’t stand by and watch his wife get cuffed for trying to bring a fanny pack into the stadium.

Former Red Sox pitcher Rich Hill, wife arrested outside Gillette Stadium before Patriots-Bills game - The Boston Globe

"She was trying to enter the stadium with an oversized bag and she had been told several times, 'no,' " said Robert Bolger, chief administrator for Foxborough police. "She tried several times to go to a different gate. She was ordered to leave the property."


This is a sad story to come out of Nashville. There was a stabbing at a local bar down there where two men died as a result of the wounds. One of them is the brother of country singer Tucker Beathard. The other was a 21 year old kid. It all started when there was an unwanted advancement made by a man toward a woman in the bar. It sparked confrontation that escalated into physical violence. Nashville police have been sharing a picture around of a 23 year old named Michael D Mosley, who is believed to be the person of interest in the case…or at least they’re saying they strongly believe he has definitive information about the crime.

Country Singer Tucker Beathard's Brother Dead at 22 After Nashville Bar Stabbing

Clayton Beathard, the brother of country singer-songwriter Tucker Beathard and a football player at Long Island University, died early Saturday morning (Dec. 21) following a stabbing at Midtown Nashville's The Dogwood Bar, which resulted in two fatalities and an additional injury. Beathard was 22 years old.

So the movie Cats came out last Friday and we haven’t talked about it much because apparently the reviews are horrible (19% on rotten tomatoes) And now we might have a reason for that.The director has now come out to say that he was forced to rush the day before the movie was released. He said he finished the CGI (special effects) at 8am, and worked on it 26 hours in a row. They are releasing a brand new version. Theaters that can download titles will have it Sunday, and those who wait for hard drives should have them Tuesday.

Cats gets a CGI update that we definitely asked for

is already out in cinemas (hold your breath until Boxing Day, Australia), but that version was apparently rushed and undercooked. On the same day it opened in theaters, Dec. 20 in the US and the UK, Universal notified thousands of cinemas they'd receive an updated version with "some improved visual effects," according to a memo The Hollywood Reporter obtained.