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Malden Police are in hot pursuit of Queen Elsa – yes that Queen Elsa – for “bringing excessive cold temperatures & creating snow/ icy conditions over Middlesex County, causing citizens to miss work, countless vehicle accidents, tree damage, & a variety of delays.”

Elsa is also known as “The Snow Queen” so Malden Police has merit in pinpointing her as a culprit in this storm’s nastiness – however if they are successful in bringing her justice there may be riots of 6 year-olds in Malden so beware.

Malden Police put out this tweet looking for help:

The suspect is described as being 21 years-old, 5 feet 8-inches tall, weighing 125 pounds, with blonde hair and blue eyes. If you have information that could lead to Elsa’s obtainment… oh nevermind…. let it go.