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The 'Modern Family' star earned $44.1 million in 2019.

It looks like Sofia Vergara will fill one of the empty judges chairs on Americas Got Talent. She would fill in for Gabrielle Union. Modern Family is in it’s last season so it’s not a shock that NBC wouldn’t want to work with her…I’m just surprised Sofia would want to work with NBC! Simon Cowell was no where to be found again. He was on the beach in Barbados when the meeting went down…He was also photographed with a black eye. His reps are saying that he hit his head on the door and it also cut him above the eye

Sofia Vergara met with 'AGT' execs to fill Gabrielle Union's seat: report

" America's Got Talent" execs are eyeing Sofia Vergara to possibly replace Gabrielle Union after the former judge's sudden departure, according to a new report. The " Modern Family" star, 47, allegedly met with "AGT" bosses on Wednesday for a total of two hours, TMZ reported.

The world’s strongest man, Martins Licis squatted Gronk in LA. It’s unclear why this happened but basically this strong dude ditched the barbells and decided to lift 6’6 and 268 pound Rob Gronkowski. Martins is only 29 years old and he holds the record for lifting over 1,000 pounds of atlas stones in the strongest man competition.

Rob Gronkowski Overhead Squatted By World's Strongest Man, 'This Guy's A Unit'

@Martins Licis Here's the World's Strongest Man overhead squatting the World's Best Tight End ... and yeah, it's GLORIOUS!!! Rob Gronkowski and superstar strongman Martins Licis hit up Jay Glazer's Unbreakable Performance gym in LA on Wednesday ... and they bro'd down over some weights. Unclear why the two got in a lift sesh ...

Blake Shelton made an amazing wish come true for a 7 year old fan who suffers from cerebral palsy. The kids name is Colton Harkness. Blake brought him on set of the voice and after the show, he got to chat with his favorite country stars and judge’s. This all happened through Kids Wish Network. They flew him from Indiana to California and brought him to the show in a stretch limo. Colton was also hooked up with voice swag. Needless to say this was a great night for a little boy!

Blake Shelton Meets 7-Year-Old Wish Kid at 'The Voice' Semifinals

At the end of part one of finale, Blake Shelton proved he was a dedicated coach to his talented finalist Ricky Duran by yelling that even Santa would vote for Duran. During the semifinals, Shelton also had the opportunity to help make another inspiring person's wish come true when met with 7-year-old Colton Harkness.



Carrie Underwood shared the cover of her new book that’s coming out! It’s a fitness book called “Find your path”. It will be available March 3. The cover is actually NOT what I expected for a fitness book..Kinda looks like her first album cover fromwhen she got off idol! You can pre-order it now on Amazon.

JUST IN: Carrie Underwood Shares Details of Inspirational Book

Carrie Underwood has revealed the release date and cover of her new fitness book, Find Your Path. The inspirational memoir will go deep into her personal journey for overall wellness. Find Your Path will be available on March 3. In an Instagram post, Underwood revealed the cover.


We were talking about ear piercings yesterday on the show…well up and coming artist Hardy apparently pierced Morgan Wallen’s ear on a tour bus….with a guitar string!! This was when they were both on Florida Georgia line’s most recent tour. Hardy said,  “We were sitting on the bus, and we’re drunk, and he shows me a pictures of a cross earring. I said ‘are you doing it? and he said ya, I was like I’ll pierce it for you.”Hardy even specially ordered the cross earring for his buddy. when he brought it to him he said: “tonight’s the night.”

HARDY Pierced Morgan Wallen's Ear on a Bus Using an Unlikely Object

When Morgan Wallen told his good friend, HARDY that he wanted his ear pierced, he likely never imagined that HARDY would end up doing it himself, or how he would do it. But after finding out Wallen wanted his ear pierced so he could wear one specific earring, HARDY took matters into his own hands, [...]