The world famous, record breaking, entertainment seeking Harlem Globetrotters stopped by the studio to visit their favorite morning show!

Why? To promote their December 26th games at the TD Garden and to play Jonathan Wier & Ayla Brown’s favorite game ever… “ER or Not?”

If you have never heard our Wednesday game “ER or Not?” we ask listeners to call in and tell us about a time they gruesomely injured themselves. Right before they get to the end of the story, we have to guess if they did the responsible thing and went to the ER.

We loved the stories that Dragon and Moose told our audience, but what we loved more is hearing about their love for The Mighty Quinn of Weymouth, MA, who will be an honorary coach on December 26th.

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To check out the Harlem Globetrotters with The Mighty Quinn watch the video below: