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When you play hockey as a kid, it’s your mom and dad on the sidelines cheering you on every week.  Mom says you are a winner, and you believe her. So, when the Boston Bruins’ moms were invited to join the team on the road, in Nashville, for a game last night… you just knew the Bruins were going to bring home the W for mom.

And it was a much needed win for the team that has been on the struggle bus, as of late.

So, here’s to mom… and all those early morning high school games they went to in support of your love of hockey!

And just like that the 3 game skid came to a halt for the black and gold. Music City and mom were just the ticket for the Bs. They scored just 1:36 into the game, after Pastrnak’s slap shot slammed the puck into the goal for his 32nd of the season!



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