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Attention Keith Urban fans! It’s time to stop monkeying around, and help out some kids in need. And just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Keith Urban fans originally were dubbed, “Monkeyville.” Years later, dozens of number one hits, and millions more fans, the fan club has now shorted their name and adopted the moniker, “The Ville.” Whatever you call it, these are a passionate bunch of superfans.

14 years ago, the online community of the Ville started soliciting stuffed monkey donations, in honor of Keith, and their mascot.  The fans would then send the lovable softies to fan collection homes, here in the U.S., as well Canada, and Urban’s homeland of Australia. The monkeys were then distributed to needy and sick kids, and select Children’s hospitals on Valentine’s Day.

It all started with just 53 monkeys. Like Keith’s career, the toy drive has grown by “swings and vines.”. In fact, last year, over 4,100 new stuffed monkeys were collected!

Check this out, from last year

Keith Urban fan club inspired to donate thousands of stuffed monkeys to children's hospitals

MONKEYVILLE: Keith Urban inspired his fan club to donate to children's hospitals 13 years ago - and they've been quietly sending thousands of stuffed...

Want to get in on the monkey business?

To donate, just purchase 1 or more new stuffed monkeys 8” or larger with tags still on them.  You can  email Eileen Henri at or Joanne Czaplicki at for get the address for which to mail your monkey. Show your heart!  Put a big smile on the face of a sick or needy child this Valentine’s Day.


Here’s a quick link to a myriad of choices for purchasing your MONKEYS. 

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