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The hot pizza topping debate up until now was whether or not pineapple belonged on your pie. Well, enter Cornish Maine’s Fairgrounds Pizza & Pub and their Fried Pickle Pizza. The internet’s collective mind was blown.

The restaurant posted the pizza on their Facebook page and suddenly the debate was on – thousands of likes and comments came pouring in. Next thing you know, their fried pickle pizza was being featured on the local news and now the debate has gone national. Forget the pineapple, what do you think of FRIED PICKLES as a pizza topping?

The now-famous pie comes with ranch dressing instead of marinara sauce, cheese, and, a generous serving of fried pickles spread on top.

And if that’s not odd enough for you, the restaurant also has a Crab Rangoon pizza as well. Should we get ahead of ourselves and start debating that one too?

Fairgrounds Pizza & Pub

Crab ???? Rangoon pizza ???? !!!!!