Did you say Willie or Will-Hay?

Beth Bays, from Virginia really knows how to get traffic to stop…by creating a 15-foot eye-catcher in the form of country singer, Willie Nelson. And it’s all made out of HAY!

Beth says that her community gets together and they really embrace it. They even sing songs every year that are related to country singers, and they change the words around a little bit to tailor them to their community.

Just see how they changed the words to Willie Nelson’s song, “On The Road Again,” to “On The Farm Again.”

But it’s not her first masterpiece! Check out the larger than life elephant that was also created out of hay…

But I’m sorry, I think her best project was when she re-created the characters from ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ I mean, look at this!

I just hope Willie Nelson sees this himself before her next masterpiece!