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WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 04: A man holds a folded American flag as he participates in a rally near the White House April 4, 2019 at Lafayette Square in Washington, DC. and Indivisible hosted a rally to call on U.S. Attorney General William Barr to "immediately release” Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report on alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

This story is just heartwarming.

At a time when the country feels so divided, this is just the kind of news that can restore your faith in humanity. In an act that embodies love of country, and respect for the flag, a FedEx driver is gaining national attention.

Friday’s strong winds in the Northeast had lines down, branches in the street, grills moved across decks, and in Freehold, NJ, a flag pole toppled. This did not go unnoticed by a FedEx driver in the area.

According to News 12 New Jersey, not only did this driver pull over to pick up the fallen flag. he folded it properly…and put it down in a safe place. The owner of the house where the flag had fallen, Rick Guerino, said he got an alert of his phone from his home surveillance camera. He witnessed the Federal Express driver on his porch and couldn’t understand what he was doing, because no package was expected, and had no idea his flag pole went down in the high winds. When he realized the driver what the driver was doing, he was taken aback.

Guerinio told the local news outlet, News 12 New Jersey, “he really respected the flag, and you don’t see that too often…That’s what hits here.”

FedEx still hasn’t been able to identify the driver, but told the station, ““We commend the actions of this service provider employee, who went above and beyond by carefully and respectfully securing the flag on the homeowner’s behalf.”



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