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CHICAGO - SEPTEMBER 07: A Dunkin' Donuts hangs on a window September 7, 2006 in Chicago, Illinois. In an effort to compete with Starbucks in the lucrative coffee market, Dunkin? Donuts has announced a goal of opening more than 10,000 new stores in the U.S. by 2020. (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

We all like a little bacon in our eggs, or sprinkled in a baked potato. But can it stand alone? Dunkin’ thinks so. I know so!

The company just rolled out a new menu item, “Snackin’ Bacon.” It’s basically bacon in a bag… and yes please! Dunkin packs 8 half slices of bacon in each bag, glazed and bedazzled with black pepper for a sweet kick!

Okay, here comes reality. A Snackin’ Bacon serving size will cost you 190 calories, 12 grams of fat, 9 grams of sugar, and 10 grams of carbs.




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