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Weekdays 2pm-7pm

“Ain’t no laws when you drink White Claws.” If you have ever muttered this phrase…. get ready.

A Spiked Seltzer Festival is touring 9 cities beginning this Spring – and Boston is on the list! Visitors will be able to taste over 100 varieties of Hard Seltzer from brands like White Claw, Corona, Natty Light, Bon & Viv, Willie’s Superbrew, Crook & Marker, and many more. There will be food from local restaurants, live music, games, and photo ops at the festival as well.

It kicks off in Minneapolis on April 18th – Boston’s date is TBD but will happen.

General admission is $29 and VIP is $49, which includes early entry, lounge access, a full 12 oz. can, and more.

For more info on the festival – GO HERE.