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Home Alone is getting the reboot treatment – a new film is in the works for Disney+. When the news first broke reactions were mixed – some were excited, some thought it should be left alone. One thing that wasn’t sure until now is whether or not it was going to be a full reboot or a continuation where the last films left off. As it turns out the latter is true – it will be a continuation.

While much is still unknown about the film, we do now know that Kevin McCallister will be a part of it. The information comes via a casting breakdown from Daniel Richtman’s Patreon. According to this breakdown, Kevin is now the Owner of McCallister Security Solutions. The family featured in the “reboot” will be customers of the home security company. Aaannnnnnddd enter the usual Home Alone shenanigans.

Not much more is known about the plot but we do know other returning characters of the original  movies include Buzz McCallister, who is now a local police officer in town, and burglars Harry & Marv, who in the “reboot” are serving time in prison after being denied parole.