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The new season of American Idol premieres Sunday (2/16) at 8pm ET on ABC and judge Luke Bryan is ready to go.

Luke recently shared with us, what he thinks it takes to be on American Idol. He told us, “To be an American Idol, you’ve got to have the star, the star factor, the sparkle in your eye. You’ve got to control the room. Own the room. Own the moment. It’s got to be God given. It’s got to be God given talent.”

He added, “But you also have to work really, really hard for it and you have to learn how to fight. I’m yet to learn how to navigate this competition. But if you don’t come in there with that idol factor, that star quality that makes me and Lionel and Katy just light up. When you walk in the room, you’re gonna have. You’re gonna have a little bit of trouble being the next American Idol. “