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Martina McBride and her husband John just lost half a million dollars, thanks to a lawsuit. Here’s what happened! A former employee at their Nashville recording studio, Blackbird studios named Richard Hanson sued both Martina and John for unlawful business practices. Some of those practices included having interns buy groceries and pick up food and deliver food orders (not weird in my opinion). But he also alleged that an intern was once required to go into the McBride’s house to check on a possible intruder, with a handgun, even though the intern didn’t have experience with a firearm. Richard was fired after the couple discovered he contacted the US Department of Labor. McBride and her husband were found liable and had to fork up the cash!

Jury finds Martina McBride, husband, business liable in lawsuit

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) - A jury found country star Martina McBride, her husband John and their business, Blackbird Studio, liable in an employee retaliation lawsuit. Former studio operations manager, Richard Hanson, claims the couple mistreated unpaid interns and when he spoke up, he was fired.

Aerosmith’s former drummer, Joey Kramer might be back in the band!! He was talking about suing the band for not allowing him to perform at Grammy week because he was kicked out of the band for an ankle injury. Tension between the band has been high because of this, but it looks like he’s going to take the stage with the rest of the band (with no audition this time) for a performance at the Park Theater in Vegas, which is where their residency is currently being held.

Aerosmith's Joey Kramer Playing with the Band in Vegas, No Audition Required Aerosmith is ready to bring their original drummer back into the fold -- Joey Kramer's set to take the stage with his bandmates, and even crazier ... NO AUDITION NECESSARY! Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ...



Former baseball player for the Toronto Blue Jays, Mike Bolsinger, is now suing the Houston Astro’s program because he says the cheating scandal that ruined career. He says that his career is ruined by cheating to get hits off of him in 2017 and says that the Astro’s cost him a chance to an extended MLB career. He claims that the Astro’s illegally stole signs off of him and his catcher by filming them and relaying the pitches to batters via a banging sound from the dugout. He had a terrible outing, the Jays cut him and no other MLB team wanted him. So now that the MLB commissioner has found the Astro’s guilty of cheating, Mike just wants justice and he wants the Astro’s to pay for the damages he suffered as a result of the outing. He’s also requesting that all of the 2017 post season world series bonuses ($31mil) should be donated to charity.

Pitcher Mike Bolsinger says cheating Astros changed course of his career

The Houston Astros wronged a lot of people, in a lot of ways. But the damage they did to Mike Bolsinger - to his career and to his whole life - was particularly harsh, and the former Toronto Blue Jays pitcher wants them held accountable.


Lori Loughlin and her husband’s youngest daughter Olivia is in the hot seat again. The fake USC rowing resume has surfaced as a result of the trial they are in and wow does this resume look so bad. For someone who’s NEVER rowed a day in her life, according to the resume she’s earned 2 gold medals, 2 silvers, 2 bronzes and she even raced in the Head of the Charles right here in Boston. The feds are obviously going to use this to prove how deep the parents were willing to go in the lie. Lori and her husband are still trying to defend their case that they didn’t know their money was going towards this and thought that it was a legitimate donation to USC.

Here's Olivia Jade Giannulli's fake athletic profile listing her as a champion coxswain

The fake athletic profile that portrayed Olivia Jade Giannulli as a gold medal-winning crew coxswain and helped her gain admission to USC was included in a legal filing by prosecutors Friday in the college admissions scam.


There was a couple outfit repeaters last night at the Oscars…Jane Fonda wore a dress she wore in 2014. She vowed to not go shopping again to fight against climate change. Also, Elizabeth banks wore the same dress she rocked in 2004 . She said it’s gorgeous and it fits so why not wear it again!

Sustainable Fashion Was The Real Winner Of This Year's Oscars

Earlier this year BAFTA requested that their A-list celebrity guests and honourees consider making a sustainable choice for their big red carpet moment in London. The awards ceremony even provided a sustainable fashion guide penned especially for the actors and their esteemed stylists by the London College of Fashion's Centre for Sustainability.