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People go cuckoo bonkers for McDonald’s Shamrock Shake. It’s minty. It’s unnaturally green. And it’s returning later this month. But this time around it’s bringing along a new friend.

The Shamrock Shake will be available at McDonald’s restaurants beginning February 19th – this year is the shake’s 50th anniversary and to celebrate McDonald’s will also be rolling out a new OREO Shamrock McFlurry.

Get your Saint Paddy’s on for a limited time with these sweet treats, available at McDonald’s for a limited time… until they go back in the vault until next year.

McDonald's - "Shamrock Shake!" (Commercial, 1983)

Here's a commercial for McDonald's Shamrock Shake. This aired on local Chicago TV in mid-March 1983. Visit - http://www.FuzzyMemories.TV The Museum of Classi...