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Boston Comics Roundtable is publishing its first three issues of “Boston Powers” this year, a comic book anthology featuring superhero stories set in and around Boston.

The group says “with Boston Powers, our aim is to offer readers of all ages – but especially young readers – fun and positive comics that bring the superhero genre to our own Boston-area neighborhoods.  For  We’ll publish 3, 40-page issues in the coming year: classic, floppy, stapled, full-color comic books. Numerous scientific studies demonstrate the value of reading comics for developing literacy  skills in young readers… all well and good, but we’re a bunch of big kids ourselves and we just want the comics to be GOOD: exciting, funny, moving, silly, scary, imaginative adventures. ”

There is a kickstarter set up “to help fund the initial print run of all three issues, as well as pay a modest page rate to our artists and writers.”

You can see sketches of some of the planned superheros at the kickstarter page, my favorite being The Cape – a caped superhero based on Cape Cod who does battle with his arch-nemesis who appears to be part shark/part human. How fitting.

Look for Boston Powers in area comic shops later this year.