Valentine’s Day

NBC’s The Good Place broke hearts with their series finale, but love never dies. It might make you itchy though.

We found some cool Good Place valentines for your “ride or dies”on the show’s tumblr: Chedi saying “I love you, egg!” Eleanor admits “Love makes me itchy.” Janet offers, “Fun fact: you’re cute!” And the always profound Jason says, “You make the bass drop… in my heart!”  (You can also tag your friends in this post on the show’s official Facebook page.)

There are some fan-created cards as well; we found some pretty “forking” good ones on this site. Here’s another one using Jason’s “You make the bass drop… in my heart!” Here’s another one! And here’s one with Michael saying, “Ya basic!” Maybe that one isn’t so great for Valentine’s Day. Same with this one, of Eleanor saying, “Happy Valentine’s Day, You Medium Person!”

This is the perfect one: Chedi and Eleanor, with the caption, “My good place is wherever you are!”