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Garth Brooks says that he struggled last week when he found himself being honored at the Library of Congress while the community he calls home was reeling from tornado damage.

Garth said, “It seemed kind of weird to be celebrating, because we were up there Monday…the tornado hit Monday night…and then, of course, everybody – band and crew – were all livin’ on our phones to make sure that everybody we knew back here was safe. So, it was kind of a push-pull kind of a thing. You wanted to be excited, [but] at the same time you knew what was important. They honored this community with a moment of silence on the floor there at the Library of Congress.”

Brooks added that he’s proud to call Nashville and Tennessee home, “We are lucky to be living in this place right here. For those people that don’t know that much about Nashville, let me tell you what Nashville is. Nashville is this small town community that is becoming a major metropolitan area. But what’ll never happen in my lifetime will it ever lose its sense of community. And it just keeps getting bigger and bigger but sweeter and sweeter.”