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The Summer of Seltzers 2.0 is coming quickly… and Leinenkugel hopes to lead the charge with their brand new “Spritzens.” They’re a beer/seltzer hybrid – think Shandy (which is beer and lemonade) minus the lemonade, add the seltzer.

Leinenkugel’s website explains:

Spritzen is beer with a splash of seltzer and natural flavors, so it offers the lightness and subtle fruit flavor of a seltzer, while still delivering that unmistakable crisp beer taste. Combining the best of both beer and seltzer, Spritzen is only 93 calories and comes in three delicious flavors: Grapefruit, Pineapple Strawberry, and Raspberry Lemon. It’s kinda beer. Kinda seltzer. Kinda awesome.

Ummm… I’ll take the Pineapple Strawberry by the case please? Starting now? Thanks.

And actually we can taste them starting now; Leinie Spritzens just became available today so keep those eyes peeled like a banana.