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Nashville TN is 1,113 miles away from Boston and since the birth of country music in the late 1870’s it has been the heart and soul of the genre that we love the most. Two nights ago there was a tornado that bruised the heart of the city and killed 24 people. The city is doing its best to recover and rebuild but it’s going to take prayers, money, resources and even blood to get Nashville back on its feet. Here’s what we can do from Boston to help!

If you want to shop online you can do so at these places and it will help with the tornado relief. Project615 and the Nashville TN store or from 6am-7pm, a phone bank will be open for you to call and donate. Their number is: 833-585-0179. 

If you are in the Nashville area and want to volunteer, here are some organizations that are helping with clean-up and victims affected by the tornado:

You can donate money the following organizations: