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There is certainly no shortage of topics for news and talk shows out there. It’s more infectious than any virus. It’s taking over our lives. It’s  on our ipads, tv’s and phones… and it’s enough to make you want to pull the covers over your head and never leave your bed.

Enter: The Bachelor. The greatest distraction on tv right now.

Last night’s part one of a 2 night finale, had all the drama, all the tears, and intrigue that we crave in a dippy, but amusing diversion. We had the over-the-top, over-involved mother of the bachelor in hysterics over who Peter should be choosing to spend his life with. We had Maddison, the virgin, leaving, coming back, leaving… and reportedly making her way back for episode 2 of the finale tonight. We had Hannah Ann being, well… Hannah Ann: Just happy to be there and aiming to please. Hannah Ann doesn’t have a lot to say, but looks like the perfect “angel,” as Drama Mama (Peter’s mother) said, several times. There was the location, Australia. The bugs. Those alone, were distracting. Those eyelashes we can’t take our eyes off of. Maddison needs to share her lash secret with the world. Or not.

So, if you’re not on board yet, may I suggest, on-demand, during the news hours. Seriously, it’s good for you. Dwelling on the negative never served us well, and besides it’s all completely out of our control (except for voting). While bad news and germs spread like wildfires… let’s focus on spreading the love. Or at least the drama. It can’t hurt you. And it sure is fun.

Cheers to a show that binds us together! No hand sanitizer required.

How brilliant are the producers to have sandwiched a new distraction before The Bachelorette begins airing in May. Listen To Your Heart, another dating reality show, will premiere April 13th.  We are becoming a more and more captive audience, thanks to Covid-19, and this is the perfect time to provide us with the ultimate in guilty pleasure programming. Listen To Your Heart fuses the world of singer/songwriters with the world of singles searching for love.



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