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We are a proud city. Proud of our architecture, our history, our sports teams, our schools, hospitals, our people and their strength. But ranking # 1 as the city with the worst traffic again… 2 years in a row… not so proud.

According to a new study, by INRIX, a transportation analytics company, Boston drivers lose a little under 150 hours a year, stuck in traffic congestion. That was the 2019 finding. What does it all add up to? More than 6 days of your year are spent sitting in traffic, trying to get to work, or home.

But wait, there is a sliver of light in our virtual tunnel here. Last year, the study showed Boston drivers lost 164 hours. So, we are down, but not out… of the #1 ranking.

Not only does this traffic waste our time, but it also costs us money! Researchers report that all this idling cost Boston drivers $2,205 in 2019. That is considering the wear and tear on your vehicle, gas, and insurance.

But look on the bright side, Spring is coming!

And then there’s all that Cape and New Hampshire traffic to look forward to this summer.

Check out the full list, here.


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