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Rolling Stone has called it “one of the most anticipated albums of 2020.”

Ashley McBryde’s new album Never Will drops this Friday so she spoke with Jonathan Wier and Ayla Brown about what’s like to release an album during this time.

Ashley describes releasing an album is usually like a celebration, even a wedding reception, where you get to go around to share and talk with people. Now that that’s not a possibility, she looks on the bright side and says “the chances of us doing it wrong now are pretty slim.”

Ayla asks Ashley about her softer side as she puts on a pretty tough persona. She credits it to her brothers “beating the tar out her her” because she was very meek when she was a child. She mentions that God gave her a tough mentality and strong soul, but she also has sensitive skin, literally.

Three times a week Ashley goes Like on Facebook for her show All Cooped Up which came from her trying not to loose her mind, which is really what we’re all trying to do. It’s been her only interaction and keeps her entertained, even taking requests. The first episode benefited Music Cares to help all musicians.

Check out the full interview with Ashley McBryde below!