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We’ve been hearing that some television personalities doing reports from home, may have been going “mullett” on us. Business on top, party on the bottom; meaning they wear their suit or appropriate business wear on top, but donning sweats, yoga pants, shorts or pajamas on bottom. And why not, no one can see. Or can they?

ABC News reporter Will Reeve, son of the late actor Christopher Reeve, was doing a report from home for Good Morning America yesterday. Apparently he had set up his own camera. And oops! It suddenly became No Pants Tuesday!

According to CNN, the 27-year-old acted as his own cameraman for the home broadcast. Will obviously didn’t place the camera in the right place, and everyone saw that his suit was missing a key component… his pants!

The Twitterverse went crazy, needless to say. But you have to appreciate Reeve’s sense of humor!


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