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We are all learning to be much more self sufficient, if nothing else, while being coronavirus quarantined! We are cooking all our meals, doing our own cleaning, doing our own manicures, and coloring and cutting our hair! We ARE definitely all in this together…celebrities too!

Last night Gwen Stefani showed her true stylist skills or lack there of). Armed with her clippers, she came prepared to beautify Blake, while making an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Gwen told Jimmy, “I’m gonna be helping Blake grow out his mullet. Today we had already scheduled that it was haircut day, so I have my clippers, I got my attachments.”  Blake kept talking to Jimmy, as his girlfriend started trimming the “business” portion of his mullet. So if you are all in for the return of Blake’s famous 90s mullet, no need to worry. Gwen is just training it.

But, it was just a trim. Blake gave Gwen the green light on blinging it up. He agreed to have her carve Fallon’s initials in the side of Blake’s head! It was all so Joe Exotic. In fact, Jimmy told Blake, “Dude, you are so Tiger King right now, you have no idea!”


Blake Shelton Has Gwen Stefani Shave Jimmy's Initials into His Hair

Blake Shelton asks Gwen Stefan to shave Jimmy Fallon's initials into his hair during his Tonight Show home edition interview. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Sh...


Want to see Blake’s original mullet? Look no further than his current Twitter profile pic (digitally enhanced to show Gwen pointing out his mullet).


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