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AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - OCTOBER 07: Bill Bain, Group Product Manager from TelstraClear with the new 3G mobile phones that are able to make Video Calls, Tuesday. (Photo by Michael Bradley/Getty Images)

Since many of us are working from home during the coronavirus pandemic, Zoom is becoming the popular and preferred way to interact with co-workers. For some, they are savvy on how to look their best during Zoom calls. The rest of us might benefit from a little help.

Angie, the blogger behind Hot and Flashy  has created an informative video on ways to look good on a Zoom call. Some tips she’s included are:

Find the most flattering lighting – If you’ve ever taken a selfie, you know that lighting is everything. And there are a few ways to achieve the best light: being near a window, adjusting the brightness in your office, buying a device specifically for lighting, etc.

Find the best camera angle – The wrong angle can make you look unflattering or create double chins, and no one wants that. Adjusting your computer or phone so you are looking up can make a huge difference.

Do your hair and makeup – Yes, you’re at home, but try to look your best. Also, don’t go overboard on makeup, make it look similar or the same as you would when you are at the office.

Keep the distractions to a minimum – One negative about working from home is there is a lot to distract you on your call. Try to mute out everything that will affect your meeting or call.

For more in-depth details, watch the informative video below.