The Dirrt 4.22.20

with Ayla Brown

Gronk Traded to the Buccaneers to Reunite with Tom Brady

Gronk could be brought out of retirement? During an interview with Andy Cohen on 4/20 I’m thinking maybe he was high on his CBD brand that he’s been pushing because he said that when it comes to retirement from football, he’s not totally done. Gronk said that the only thing that’s holding him back is passion for the game adding, “I like to stay in shape, but I’ve gotta get that feeling back.”

But then on the afternoon of April 21st, a wild thing happened. The Patriots have traded Gronk and a 7th round pick to Tampa Bay in exchange for a 4th-round pick from Tampa. Let’s face it, Gronk wants to play with Brady, Brady wants to play with Gronk. Gronk had one year remaining on his contract when he called it quits in 2018 and since he didn’t play in 2019 that meant the Pats still had him under contract for one more year. This is good for the Pats since they need to make room for his $12mil cap hit so now they can rebuild the roster

Tom Brady was busted for working out at the Park in the City of Tampa. He was ordered to leave, which he did, and it looks like now the city is using him as an example of what NOT to do. They tweeted “Sorry Tom Brady our Tampa Parks Red team can’t wait to welcome you and our entire community back with even bigger smiles–until then, stay safe and stay home as much as you can to help flatten the curve.” See, even Tom can’t do EVERYTHING he wants. Seems like the park rec staff went over to some random guy who was working out to tell him to leave…and it happened to be TB12.

Gronk reunited with Brady after trade to Bucs

The New England Patriots have agreed to trade Rob Gronkowski to the Buccaneers in a deal that reunites the retired tight end with Tom Brady in Tampa Bay. Gronkowski's agent, Drew Rosenhaus, said Tuesday on SportsCenter that the five-time Pro Bowler has been "really invigorated" physically since he retired from football nearly 13 months ago.

J-Lo and A-Rod Buying A Baseball Team?

J-Lo and R-Rod might be franchise owners..they want to buy the NY Mets. It looks like they are putting up a small percentage of the cash necessary to make a deal and they are also looking for big investors who might put up between $25-50mil. The Mets are worth around $2.4Billion, but I don’t think they’re worth that much because people on the inside say the team is really worth $1.5Billion. Would be interesting though because A-Rod played for the Yankees and J-Lo is from the Bronx, which also usually roots Yankees…heck I feel like all of NY roots Yankees, I forgot there was even another team.

Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez reportedly looking to buy ownership stake in New York Mets

Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter once shared one side of the infield in the AL East when they were teammates on the Yankees. Could they soon be sharing pieces of the NL East, both as team owners? Rodriguez and his fiancee, singer/actress Jennifer Lopez, are interested in buying the New York Mets, according to a report from Variety on Monday.

Maren Morris Claps Back at Fan on Instagram

Maren Morris clapped back at someone on instagram. Maren posted a picture of her and the newborn and someone urged the star to “stop with the botox.” She waisted no time. “Dude, I just went through a pregnancy and we’re in the middle of a quarantine. The Botox has long worn off” (With a laughing emoji)

Maren Morris claps back at Instagram troll after makeup-free selfie

Some things just come natural for Maren Morris, including blasting Internet trolls. On Tuesday, the country superstar posted a makeup-free selfie with her newborn son, Hayes Andrew. She captioned the photo with lyrics from Patty Griffin's "Mary." One person, however, wasn't feeling the picture and let her know it.