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He’s celebrated for his work on the field, but in the park…You’re out, Tom Brady!

The future Hall-of-Famer , and just signed Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB was spotted working out in park in Tampa Bay that had been closed due to the stay-home order currently in place. Someone had spotted him and called authorities. Shortly thereafter, the GOAT was asked to “stay safe and stay home.”

According to Mayor Jan Castor, park staff spotted Brady while patrolling a downtown park. The Mayor went on to say,”our parks are closed down; and so a lot of our parks staff they patrol around just to make sure that people aren’t doing contact sports and things like that, and saw an individual working out in one of our downtown parks. And she went over to tell him it was close, and it was Tom Brady.”
The city of Tampa, wanted to be clear, they sighted the former New England Patriot, they did not cite him!

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