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Florida Georgia Line released their brand new 6-Pack EP on Friday (5/22), but they’re still planning to release a new album later this year.

Brian Kelley says, “We’re getting pretty close to being done, and we were talking a month or two ago and kinda schemin’ up, and we said, ‘Hey, let’s put a 6-pack out.’ And we all took it literal, and hey, let’s kind of brand it that way, even though thematically they’re not all party songs.”

The biggest inspiration for releasing 6-Pack this summer was to give fans the new music they had been asking for. Besides FGL’s latest single, “I Love My Country,” 6-Pack features five additional songs, including the song they chose to record on NBC’s Songland, called “Second Guessing.”

Kelley says, “This collection has a serious vibe, a party vibe, a love vibe. So, we feel like it’s pretty well rounded.” And he adds, “We’ve all been living in these uncertain times, and music is healing and music touches people a lot of different ways, and so, we wanted to make sure we were balanced on this EP. So, super excited to finally get this out and give our fans what they’ve been asking for, and hopefully put a smile on the world’s face.”

According to Tyler Hubbard, “I think 6-Pack is an indication of what’s to come on this album. It’s kind of diverse, it’s well-rounded, still has a little something for everybody, and that’s kind of what this album is. It’s also kind of a throwback to where FGL started, with our first album, Here’s to the Good Times, and we kinda think it sort of takes us on a journey, and it was a lot of fun to kinda take that together in the recording process.”