Gillette 2016

All Kenny Chesney wants to do is play music in front of crowds this year, he told Jonathan Wier and Ayla Brown this morning on Country 102.5.

“Well I can say we’re cautiously optimistic that we’re going to play music this year,” Kenny said when he joined the morning show live on Friday morning. “Honestly, we obviously play in a lot of NFL venues, so we’re just watching what they do. They don’t even know what they’re going to do yet, so it’s an interesting waiting game.”

Touring in smaller venues is a non-starter unfortunately, due to the nature of the coronavirus and how it is transmitted.

“The problem is getting people together in the first place,” Kenny explained. “I think once it’s safe, we’re gonna go play, and we’ll play where we usually play, at Gillette. And I hope that’s sooner than later.”

Kenny’s first full length record in almost four years, Here And Now, dropped this morning, and he’s excited about it.

“I knew I needed energy, I knew I needed it. I was putting myself back up on stage again,” said Kenny. “What’s going to turn us on up there and give us all that energy.”

The song We Do off the album is “basically a love letter to my audience, and all the people that come to Gillette every year,” Kenny told Jonathan & Ayla. “That’s one song I’m just dying to sing live when we get to go do it.”

Kenny LOVES New England we LOVE him!  Here are some of our favorite memories from over the years: