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Country 102.5 Superstar Mini Concerts

We Are All In This Together

Brad Paisley was our last Superstar Mini Concert and he brought the star power! ‘We danced’ and sang along to ThenMy Miracle,  and Southern Comfort Zone. He’s said it before, but “We’re All In This Together.”


“Then  has a different arrangement than the album. It’s all about the passage of time. And being that you can see looking back on your relationship how you have no idea how much love you’re gonna have when 10, 20, 30 years of passed.”


Brad wrote My Miracle  for his wife and there’s a pretty funny story behind the first time she heard it. “When I wrote that, that’s one that I put my heart into. It wasn’t written, calculated for a hit.”


From love songs about imperfections or being heartbroken, Brad has written about all angles of relationships. “Where you leave the woman for fishing, other songs where you get your heartbroken, you’re dumped, others where it’s about imperfections. And, you know, I can be a little bit ornery when it comes to writing love songs. I don’t typically put it all out there.”



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