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Country 102.5 Superstar Mini Concerts

We Are All In This Together

When Kane Brown was announced as our next Superstar Mini Concert we already knew he was going to crush it; there were no ‘what ifs.” He performed Heaven, Good As You,  and Homesick. We already can’t wait until he’s able to come back to Boston and perform again!

“And I know it’s been boring for y’all and I know it’s been a crazy time, but we’re gonna get through this because we’re in this together and everybody’s gonna be back together hanging out with each other soon.”

When Homesick  hit number one, Kane had no idea the new meaning that would take on the song. “Now I’m sitting at home and I’m not homesick, I’m sick of home or you have people at home, sick.”


Good As You  is special for Kane live because of the crowd reaction and how everyone sings along. “I remember when we first wrote this song, it really felt like, like just a big choir chorus song.”


Kane has been able to spend some quality time with his family and new baby girl. He’s been watching her grow and hopefully learn to walk soon. “I’m not gonna lie; it’s been pretty heaven hanging around the house, just, you know, hanging my baby girl and not be on the road.”