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We Are All In This Together

Ryan Hurd had a very special guest during his Mini Concert, Maren Morris! The two just welcomed their baby Hayes a few weeks ago and have been enjoying lots of quality time together. Ryan performed Every Other Memory, and To A T, while Maren played My Church.

Learn a little more about Ryan’s new music and what’s been a nice distraction for the new parents.

Ryan has been releasing new music, including Every Other Memory  and is really happy with the response. “It’s just really, really fun when you put something out and people really enjoy it. I think this song is super nostalgic.”


Ryan recently played his stripped-down version of To A T on the ‘Today Show.’ “I actually played this version for the first time on national television. ”


Ryan and Maren have been enjoying quality time as a family at home, but are excited to get back out on the road. “We cannot wait to get back out there and do what we love, which is play music.”


Maren wrote My Church back in 2015 and ended up recording it at the Bluebird as her first single. “I wanted to play a song for you that we recorded at the Bluebird a couple years ago.”


Maren shared how the new baby has helped them get away from it all, “The way we’ve been passing the last several weeks is obviously hanging out with our new baby, Hayes, and he’s a really nice distraction from all the chaos. And it’s just been amazing to have this time at home with him.”