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We Are All In This Together

We told you we were bringing you Superstar Mini Concerts and it doesn’t get much bigger than Tim McGraw! Tim’s career has remained dynamic through the decades and his Mini Concert was no exception. Find out how he’s been spending time with his kids and what song brought him to tears while recording.

Humble and Kind  is a song that’s very close to Tim. He received the song from Lori McKenna, who wrote it while waiting for her kids to get home from school.  “I came into the studio and started recording the song and I couldn’t get through the lyrics. I cried all the way through every verse.”


“Man, I’ve always been a huge fan of The Cars, their such an iconic band, and Drive has always been one of my favorite songs since I was a teenager, something that we messed around with a few times in clubs and played a few times in clubs.”


Tim and his family have been spending time together like most of us, cooking, playing games, and talking. “It’s been a lot of fun for us to really reconnect with our kids in a different way.”