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What flavor will you get? That’s the fun mystery! Truly is releasing a new ‘Summer Friday’ Calendar that is filled with different flavors of it’s hard seltzer. It works like an Advent calendar: there are 16 numbered slots. Every Friday you open one of the slots and pop out that week’s mystery Truly Hard Seltzer flavor. If you do one on every Friday of summer, one 16 pack will last all summer long. But if you’re like me during this quarantine, it’ll be a nice seltzer stroll over one weekend. 🙂

A rep for Truly says “Just pop open the punch slot for sweet, seltzery bliss. Use it to mark the end of the workweek, or to kick off your 15th week sheltering in place. However you seltzer, the Truly Summer Fridays calendar is here for you.”

The calendar is $39 and you can order it RIGHT HERE!!